Special Needs Kids, Inc

Special Needs Kids, Inc. is a non-profit adaptive equipment lending library created specifically to meet the needs of the pediatric population.

Our mission is to decrease the healthcare costs associated with raising a child with special needs by providing loaned adaptive equipment, improving accessibility to adaptive equipment for children with special needs, and promoting an overall sense of good stewardship of healthcare resources by encouraging the donation and use of gently used adaptive equipment.


Special Needs Kids, Inc. is operated completely by volunteers, from the creation and maintenance of our website, to the cleaning, inventorying, and distribution of our equipment. If you would like to join our team of amazing volunteers, please email us at: Volunteer@SpecialNeedsLending.org

No amount of time is too little for the children and families we serve!


Special Needs Kids, Inc. accepts donations of gently used, non-specialized adaptive equipment. Our volunteers then clean, inspect, and make minor repairs to the equipment in order to make it available to other children and their families.

Donated equipment is then inventoried and added to the available equipment list on our website. Volunteers coordinate the distribution of equipment with families from our Suwanee, Georgia facility.


1. Check availability of equipment

2. Complete and print Equipment Request and Loan Agreement forms

3. Contact us to schedule a pick-up date and time


1. Individuals requesting and receiving loaned equipment must be Georgia residents

2. Loans are currently restricted to one piece of equipment per individual

3. There is no restriction on the length of time a piece of equipment may be loaned to an individual, however, our volunteers will contact you intermittently to be sure the equipment is still being utilized. We respectfully request that you return unused equipment promptly so that others may benefit from its availability.

4. In order to help cover our minimal administrative costs and the costs of minor repairs to equipment, there is a suggested, one-time donation of $25.00 per client. Please make checks payable to Special Needs Kids, Inc.